Skin Barrier - What is it and how to repair it

Skin Barrier - What is it and how to repair it

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Hey friends! Let's talk about something super important today - our amazing skin barrier! 

Did you know that our skin has a natural protective shield called the skin barrier? It's like a superhero cape for our skin, keeping it healthy, hydrated, and shielded from external aggressors. But sometimes, our skin barrier can get a little damaged, leaving it feeling dry, sensitive, or irritated. 

It’s the #1 most common skin issue that I see in my treatment room.  And, most of the time my clients are unaware of the disruption in their skin barrier.  They will notice changes in the skin like: redness, itchiness, flakey skin or sometimes they are super reactive to everything they use and just throw up their hands and say, “Oh well, I guess I’m just sensitive”.  

But fret not, because today we're going to learn how to repair and strengthen the skin barrier! 

Hydration is key! Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated from within. Moisturize daily with a nourishing lotion or cream to lock in that moisture and support your skin barrier's recovery.  Check out my selection of hydrating oils

Gentle cleansing is a must! Opt for mild, soap-free cleansers that won't strip away your skin's natural oils. Harsh cleansers can disrupt the skin barrier, so be kind to your skin and choose products that are gentle and pH-balanced. (you might want to try my new Citrus Sorbet Cleansing Balm–it’s a makeup remover and cleanser all in one).

Nourish your skin with love! Look for skincare products that contain ingredients like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. These superheroes help repair and strengthen your skin barrier, leaving it feeling plump, smooth, and oh-so-radiant!  For the last year,I have been working with my chemist to formulate a product specifically for repairing the skin barrier.  My NEW Prebiotic Skin Barrier Repair Face Essence is here.  Learn more about this complex serum/-toner hybrid that you can add to your routine.

Protect, protect, protect! Shield your skin from harmful UV rays by wearing sunscreen daily. Sun damage can weaken your skin barrier, so make sure to apply SPF generously and reapply throughout the day.  Even in the wintertime.  One of my favorites is Dr. Loretta SPF.

Stress less, glow more! Stress can wreak havoc on our skin, so take time for self-care and relaxation. Engage in activities that bring you joy, practice mindfulness, and get enough beauty sleep. Your skin will thank you!

Remember, repairing your skin barrier takes time and consistency. Be patient and kind to yourself throughout the process. Embrace the journey to healthier, happier skin, and let your natural glow shine through!

If you have any experiences to share, drop them in the comments below. Let's support each other on this skin-loving adventure!

XO, Jennie

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  • I have been using your new Citrus Sorbet Cleansing Balm for over a week and I LOVE it! First, there’s the pleasure of opening it ~ the scent, the color and the texture are all divine. Using it is also a pleasure ~ massage it into your skin inhaling the citrus scent and the balm disappears magically into a smooth and invisible cleansing fluid. A quick rinse and my face is clean, supple and ready for my nighttime cream. Thank you Jennie and please create more products with this divine scent and visible benefits!!

    Laura Lee on

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