How to Treat Melsama + Hyperpigmentation

How to Treat Melsama + Hyperpigmentation

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Yep, fun in the sun in your 20's, shows up in your 40's and beyond.  That's the hard truth about sun damage.  Don't shoot the messenger. 

Today, I want to talk about how I treat melasma and hyperpigmentation-- two common concerns especially during the summer months when we're spending more time outside in the sun.  The sun, of course, makes these conditions worse.

Treating melasma and hyperpigmentation can be really tricky and will take some time, so be patient and don't give up. 

First, there is a difference between the two:  Melasma is commonly hormone related, often found in pregnant women or peri/menopausal women.  Hyperpigmentation is sun damage, those pesky, okay fine... ugly brown spots that show up when you're over 40 years old.  

Here are few things you can do topically and internally:

If you have beginning or light melasma: you need to boost your "brightening game" and protect your skin with SPF 40 or higher.  Try Dr Loretta Antioxidant SPF 40 and Botnia's Weekly Digest Mask. (mix with water or yogurt)

If you have larger or darker patches on your skin, are over 35 or nearing peri/menopause: you'll want to up your skincare game just a bit.  Continue to wear SPF daily and find yourself a great Vitamin C oil or serum.  My GLOW oil is high in antioxidants which will help to even skin tremendously.

If you have long-term, stubborn patches that are dark and are in or past menopause:  Again--SPF is key.  You can also use a glycolic acid (Try the Dr Loretta Micro Peel Peptide Pads) to give a deeper exfoliation and rotate a highly antioxidant oil/serum (Try NOURISH by The Sixth House) and a Retinol (try RENEW Oil) that you can use at night.  Now, let me be clear-- do NOT use all of these products at the same time.  You will want to use the pads, 1-2x per week at night.  Nourish can be used daily with your SPF and the Retinol 1-2x per week at night on the opposite nights you used the pads.

Spoiler:  I've been working on creating very special Microderm scrub that will be launching later this summer.  Stay tuned! ;-)

Okay, and let's not forget about what you can do internally to treat hyperpigmentation.  Below are a few foods that fight sun damage.  Be sure to add them to your diet:

Kale, Sweet Potatoes + Carrots, Oranges + Lemons, Berries, Fatty Fish, Avocados and Legumes, Seeds + Nuts.  And, always drink lots of water!

Lastly, regular facials, with an Esthetician you trust, will always help.  As a holistic Esthetician, I prefer not to over stimulate the skin with harsh chemicals or lasers, but I will add some Glycolic or Lactic Acids to your masks if needed.  As always, my treatments are 100% custom so we will work together on a treatment plan.

And, don't forget to schedule your yearly skin scans with your Dermatologist.

I hope this article was helpful.  Let me know your thoughts or if you have any questions at all.  Happy to help you achieve your most radiant, healthy, glowing and EVEN skin.

Xo, Jennie


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