Sneak Peek at The Sixth House

Sneak Peek at The Sixth House

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For the last year and half I have been working on formulating my own skincare line.  The process for formulation may have only started 18 months ago, but the actual work really started many years ago.  I have been studying cosmetic chemistry and ingredients for the last 10 years.  This project has been a long time dream of mine and I'm SO happy to finally bring it to life.

The Sixth House will be LAUNCHING ON DECEMBER 1st, 2022

My products will be available inclusively on my website:

Here's a little more for you.......

Behind the Brand:

Created by Holistic Esthetician + Integrative Health Coach, Jennie Fresa, The Sixth House is a continuation of a spirit to inspire women to live well every day. Jennie believes that healthy living is in fact healthy skin. Her longtime passion for natural beauty led her to create her own skincare line that will truly support aging gracefully.

About our Namesake:

In astrology each planet exists within a House, and that placement offers invaluable insights about our own personality.

The Sixth House is commonly referred to as the House of Health.

A well-rounded Sixth House has all the ingredients for mental-spiritual-physical balance. It is the sphere of purification, through diet, beauty routines, spiritual practice, natural remedies, and detoxing.

The Sixth House philosophy is simple— nature knows best. Plants support the healing of both body + mind.

The basis of a healthy skincare routine is to nourish the skin barrier and support natural skin function. The skin’s natural intelligence knows how to self-heal, moisturize, exfoliate and self-protect all on its own. Most conventional products include ingredients, like emulsifiers and alcohol, which can disrupt the pH in our skin. When this balance is lost, our protective barrier, also known as the acid mantle, isn’t able to do its job. This is when skincare issues can arise.

My lineup of oils + serums each possess different ingredients that make them unique.  While each potion is special in its own way, they were all created to be used interchangeably.  The aromatic and mood boosting infusions will elevate an otherwise ordinary beauty routine.

Pick Your Potion.  I will be launching with hero 4 oils-- SOOTHE, NOURISH, GLOW and RENEW.  Stay tuned for more about each oil soon.

Make one your favorite, switch it up or even use them all.  Each oil is chock full of botanicals aimed to provide you with optimal skin health.  All oils can be used day and night for the exception of RENEW -Gentle Retinol Drops, which should be used at nighttime only.


Plant oils are much healthier than creams or lotions (which are mixed with water, waxes and emulsifiers) because they contain high amounts of fatty acids that improve skin quality. These fatty acids can be easily absorbed into the skin and nourish it from within. They are the best way to feed your skin nutrients and provide hydration without disrupting the acid mantle or skin microbiome.

Balance, purify, and heal your skin with the support of our joy-sparking and soul-soothing oils for dawn and dusk.



Effective & good for you . Our skin care is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances, colorants, and are cruelty-free. Our products are housed inside a recyclable clear glass bottle with a 50% PCR recycled plastic white ring.

Can't wait for you to experience these incredible oils that I made for you with so much love.  Follow me at @jenniefresabeauty and @sixthhouseskincare for more information.

What questions do you have for me?  I'm all ears!

XO, Jennie


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  • I’m a great believer in serums and oils over creams, and I can’t wait to try yours.

    Laraine on
  • Very excited for you. Very excited for all of us!

    Janice on
  • This looks amazing!! Congratulations!!

    Paula on

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