Looking ahead for The Sixth House

Looking ahead for The Sixth House

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It’s always my goal to give my clients what they want and need in a way that is authentic.  I always love sharing what’s going on behind the scenes and updates on business and in my personal life.  As you probably already know, my motivation for starting The Sixth House came from my challenges with skin sensitivity and peri-menopausal changes in my own skin.

Part of that authenticity is being able to pull back the curtain and show more about the process– the wins and even the misses.  Since launching The Sixth House in 2023, I learned about everything from formulation and distribution to packaging and chemistry.  Like with any new endeavor there are learning curves and mistakes along the way.  For example, in my effort to focus on sustainability, I opted for a 50% recyclable cap for my cleansing balm.  But, sadly, the caps didn’t hold up and many customers were left with broken caps.  By the way, if this is you, I was able to get my lab to provide me with replacement caps so just shoot me an email and I’ll send you a new cap.  Fortunately, the quality of the product is still good and many clients have been patient and understanding.  


I also decided to launch my brand with four oils.  In hindsight, I think that may have been confusing.  Trust me when I tell you that I’m always listening to your feedback.  I commonly hear, “I’m not sure which oil is right for me”.  My intention was to have the oils be interchangeable but I didn’t provide enough skin education for the average consumer to understand the correlation between skin health and plant oils.  And, most don’t really want to.  I don’t blame you.  It can be confusing and boy is it noisy out there.  What I do know for sure is that you DO want your skin to look healthy and vibrant.  And you want to keep it simple with the finest and safest ingredients that give you not only optimal results but also an aromatic experience.  Many of you have shared testimonials stating that like this one from a client just recently:

In just six months, my skincare journey has undergone a complete transformation, all thanks to SH. Previously, I found myself endlessly combatting issues like grainy skin, stubbornly clogged pores, and redness. The difference since transitioning all of my products to SH is astounding!

My skin has truly found its radiance. I'm tempted to claim that my skin hasn't looked this vibrant in years, but honestly, it might just be the best it's ever been!

What sets SH apart is its commitment to cleanliness and simplicity. Every product is a testament to purity, and the scents are delightful! My skincare routine has become a cherished ritual that leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. ~ Rebecca

Like any new, big project changes are expected along the way.  I see this as an opportunity to fine tune what I already started.  When I look back on my days in retail when I would partner with other brands, almost every single founder started somewhere and evolved into new innovations and packaging that they became known for.  I’m following that example.


Today I’m happy to share that as of this past April, I started working with a new business mentor who happens to also be a skincare formulator and aromatherapist.  We are working together to come up with a strategy for the NEW AND IMPROVED Sixth House products for 2025 (who knows– maybe sooner).  In order to begin this process however, our first step is to sell through our current inventory.  

What we decided to do is offer my current products in bundles for savings.  Beginning in June, you will be able to choose from 4 different sets.  And, yes, you will still be able to buy your favorites individually too.  The sets will include the cleansing balm, prebiotic serum and an oil (which will vary for each set).  How fantastic is that?!

Once we get through a good portion of our inventory, we will begin the process of reformulating our hero products to make them EVEN better.  My vision for the future is to provide you with a simplified routine to help you live well and age well.  The routine will be based on my personal tried and true skincare protocol:  

Step 1: Cleanse (a milky balm that effectively cleans skin without stipping or damaging barrier)

Step 2: Balance (a spray mist that feeds your skin vital vitamins and balances PH)

Step 3: Treat (this is where active ingredients like retinol, etc come in)

Step 4: Hydrate (with only the finest plant oils)

We will change the packaging to be more durable and use only the finest, most effective ingredients on the market that truly support the fountain of youthful skin.

So, we have quite a lot in front of us for the remainder of 2024.  I promise to keep you updated along the way with full transparency.  I welcome your feedback anytime and hope that you will stick around for the ride because I can guarantee you will love where we’re going!

With great appreciation and enthusiasm,


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  • Love the candor and commitment — keep it up, I love following along and trying your products. Cannot wait to see what’s next 😍

    Christine Colella on

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