5 Summer Beauty Tips

5 Summer Beauty Tips

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Summer is the season of abundant beauty.  Just take a look around you-- butterflies are in the air, flowers are blooming and the air is warm.  There's so much to embrace.  Great skin is your best accessory this season and likely you'll be showing a lot more of it.  This is your gentle reminder to live in the moment.  Don't skip the chance to jump in the ocean because you're not "beach body ready" and don't skimp at the barbecue because you're counting calories.  Life is too short for such limitations.  Today, I would like to share 5 summer beauty intentions to help you embrace this season of indulgence along with one of my favorite summer drinks.

Keep this list handy and refer to it as needed.  This how you can make short term goals into long tern beauty habits.  


1.) Get outdoors.  Enhance your summertime beauty by taking your workout outdoors.  If you're a CT local, we live near the water!  Did you know that the negative ions that concentrate near water can improve your mood and energy.  Give "grounding" a try.  Make contact with the earth by walking barefoot on the grass or sand.  This technique balances your body and helps to reduce inflammation and keeps you calm.


2.) Eat cool, summer foods.  Water rich beauty foods like watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber, lemons, coconut water and celery keep your body cool when it's hot and humid outside.  Plus, these foods are natural diuretics so they keep the bloat away.


3.) Sweat better.  If you haven't yet-- try a natural deodorant to help your body detox and sweat naturally.  Conventional antiperspirant formulas block your natural detox system and puts toxic aluminum and paraben preservatives into our body.  Check out this one that I'm currently using.


4.) Skip the sun damage.  You can enhance your anti-aging sun defenses from the inside by  eating UV-protective foods like tomatoes, carrots, watermelon, apricots and greens-- these foods contain lycopene and beta carotene, phytochemicals that help block UV damage it the skin.  A clean SPF is always a good idea too.  Here's the one I'm using right now.


5.) Lighten up.  Although summer is the season to indulge a bit, you might notice that you're craving lighter foods.  Try incorporating raw foods into your day.  I love noshing on raw broccoli and carrots with hummus for lunch.


Are these tips helpful?  Feel free to share this blog post with a friend.


Now, for my go-to summer hydrating drink, the Sweet Summer Cooler:



*Coconut water

*8 celery stalks

*8oz of pineapple Juice

Use a juicer to extract the celery juice and then mix in the coconut and pineapple juice.  Chill and serve.  Try this at your next summer soiree.  I'm sure it will be a crowd pleaser.

One last summer pro beauty tip because I like to overdeliver:

Chilled green tea is an excellent healer and antioxidant.  You can drink it or use it relieve sun damage or redness.  Grab your favorite brand, brew it hot and then chill it overnight for a refreshing drink or use it as your summer beauty toner for your beach bag. You're welcome. ;-)

Enjoy these recipes and have a beautiful summer friends!

Until next time...




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  • Love this! Thanks for the recipe! :-)

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