How to dry brush - it's more than skin deep

How to dry brush - it's more than skin deep

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Ok, so I know you brush your teeth (right?), but have you ever thought about brushing your skin? Yes, your skin! Regular use does not only benefit your skin's appearance by removing dead skin cells, it also supports your digestion. Seriously!

Dry brushing stimulates your lymphatic system and your lymphatic system is responsible for collecting and transporting waste to the blood. So while you're making your skin more vibrant, you're also aiding your body's own detoxing process removing toxins and improving your digestion.

Let's make time to brush.

Health benefits of dry brushing

Exfoliates dry winter skin

Clears clogged pores

Stimulates the Lymphatic System to clear cellular waste and reduce inflammation in the body

Reduces cellulite

Improves digestion and kidney function

Reduces stress

Increases circulation

Boosts the Immune System

Boosts energy

Glowing skin

Firmer skin


Getting Started Dry Brushing

Step 1

We suggest brushing in the morning, dry brushing can have great energizing effects - so let this be a part of your morning routine!

Step 2

You can use your brush on it's own or add a bit of body oil. If you're using a body oil make sure + take a quick stop in your shower before brushing. If not, shower after brushing and apply an oil or moisturizer to your skin after.

Step 3

Start at your feet and work your way towards your heart. When you move on to your arm, follow the same pattern moving from your fingertips to your heart again. Use firm, small strokes upward or in a circular motion. When brushing your stomach, following a counterclockwise pattern is best. Harsh exfoliation is definitely not the goal. So make sure you're using gentle brush strokes. 


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