Let's get serious - about your arm pits!

Let's get serious - about your arm pits!

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Found in conventional deodorant, aluminum is scientifically linked to certain cancers, endocrine disruption and Alzheimer’s disease. And trust me, you don't want to seal off your sweat glands near one of your body’s primary designated toxin-release areas every morning by depositing elements of fragrance, aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and powerful synthetic antibacterial agents right where your body’s lymph glands and it’s critical immune system is. I told you we were getting serious!

"Why touch an area so close to your lymph nodes and breasts with anything questionable?"
Now putting it that way, I think we can all agree, we should be running for the hills when it comes to conventional antiperspirants. And there’s a much better way. And I promise it doesn't stink, and you won't either. A non-toxic deodorant that really, truly works – it’s possible! 

Well, they can come at the problem of sweat + stink from several different angles. Some use botanical and clay powders to absorb wetness, others use antibacterial essential oils to kill the bacteria that causes odor, and others use plant-based ingredients to stop the chemical reaction between sweat + bacteria.  Plus, natural deodorant typically lowers the risk of skin allergies, delivers a closer, cleaner shave, and you can kiss those yellow shirt stains goodbye!

But hold up – there is a transition period. Your body has gotten so used to your daily aluminum habit and will expel toxins as it adjusts. This transition can scare you right back to your chemical deodorant. So how do you make the change?

Let me share how:  START NOW before the temps get warmer here in New England.  It's much easier to switch during the cooler months when you're not as likely to sweat just from walking outside.
The transition period will take approximately 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer depending on our body chemistry and factors such as your diet.  You can speed up this period by taking detoxifying baths with epsom salts and tea tree oil.  And, you can even use a charcoal face mask under your arms 1-2/x week (leave on for 15 minutes then rinse) to move things along even quicker.  As always, you want to support this detoxification by drinking a lot of water.
Here are some of the best clean deodorants on the market --- tried and true.  Note:  You may need to try 1 or 2 different brands to find the one that works best for you.  
Kai Naturals (charcoal, gel based)
Native (great bargin- lots of scents)
Salt + Stone (enjoy 15 % off while supplies last)
Agent Nateur (cream - love the rose!)
Ursa Major (spray or cream)
Aesop (spray)
Soapwalla (cream jar)
XO, Jennie

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