Our Spring Break Travel Essentials

We All Need A Little Break

Our Spring Break Travel Essentials

Happy Friday my darling beauties! So, it’s that time of year again when we just need a break…a spring break that is! Yes, the time has finally arrived where we can break out those bikinis we’ve been dying to wear and jet off to Tequila Sunrises and Bay Breezes. But before boarding that plane to paradise, we’ve got to make sure we’re all packed and prepared, and and for many of us gals, that can kind of be a nightmare! Between deciding what we should bring to what we THINK we’ll might need, many of us end up overpacking and bring items not needed or ever used! So after much deliberation (and a few past experiences) we’ve come up with our spring break survival guide! Weather you are traveling to far off destinations or to an island in the sun, here are our must have spring break travel essentials that we just can’t leave home without! What are some of your travel essentials? Do Tell…


Kate Spade Signature Spade Punched Small Coal

A trendy and trusty carry on bag is an essential for any trip!



Bikini Beauties Courtesy of Beneath the Gown!

A cute bikini for spring break is a no brainer! Our faves are the flattering, comfortable and ultra chic swimsuits from the local chic lingerie boutique: Beneath the Gown!



Zen Society Rosewater Mist

A perfect refresher + hydrater for the long, dry plane ride and even after some fun in the sun! Your skin will thank you!

Available at our Boutique!!!


 Kai Deodorant

Let’s face it, we all sweat, ESPECIALLY in the heat! A reliable deodorant is a must and the gorgeous signature Kai scent doesn’t hurt either! 

Available at our Boutique!!!


Ban.do Gliteratti Twist Scarf

For times when you want to keep those beautiful beachy waves out of the face and secure, the twist scarf has your back! Perfect for creating a cute little retro headband too! 

Available at our Boutique!!


Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20

Even on vacation, some gals still want some coverage! No worries! Not only does this super lightweight tinted moisturizer provides beautiful coverage but SPF as well, so you can be pretty and protected!

Available at our Boutique!!!


Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

Skip the messy lip glosses and whatever you do, DO NOT put your favorite lip stick in your beach bag! Instead, get a fresh flush on your lips from a reliable lip balm that will protect and nourish your exposed pout. 


Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara

This waterproof mascara wont budge in the water or melt off on those humid nights out on the town!

Available at our Boutique!!! 


The Chronicles of Downton Abbey

 From plane to poolside, a book is one of our favorite ways to really unwind! And since I’m pretty obsessed with everything Downton right now, this book is the perfect read and should hold me over while we anxiously wait for the new season!


J.Crew Midnight Paisley Tunic

Whether walking on the beach or downtown, this beach tunic is lightweight, chic and versatile!


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Jess - Love! Warms up my day on this dreary cold day and gives me hope of the sunny days to come :)

Jess - Love every item on this list!

Jess - Love! everything on this list.

Josie@beneaththegown - Thank you for featuring our bathing suit!

Wedding Wednesday: Diane & Jason Elihu Island Wedding

Welcome back beauties & brides! Today on Wedding Wednesday we’re featuring our bride Diane and her groom Jason’s early autumn ethereal nuptials on Elihu Island. Elihu Island is one of our most beloved wedding destinations, and by simply glancing at these stunning photographs, courtesy of Maggie Conley, it not hard to see why! This picturesque venue, off the Stonington shore, provided the perfect backdrop for Diane’s soft yet glamorous look! However, as Jennie added some extra glow to the skin, definition to the lashes and a pretty flush to the lips, the gorgeous Elihu Island was no comparison to Diane’s stunning beauty! So feel free to be swept away beauties as we have been by this easy, breezy and breathtaking wedding and be sure to check out the other lovely featured vendors below!


~Jennie Fresa Makeup Artist ~

Jennie Fresa


 ~ Photography ~

Maggie Conley


~ Venue ~

Elihu Island

 ~ Event Planner ~

Ruffles and Tweed


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Our Five Foolproof Makeup Tips & Tricks

Don’t Be Silly

Five Foolproof Makeup Tips & Tricks

Welcome back beauty bunnies & happy April Fools Day! In honor of this mischievous holiday, we’re not going to try to pull some ill fated tricks or come up with some semi-witty jokes! Instead we would like to share some cheeky foolproof makeup tips and tricks that will help guide us from looking anything but silly! Here are some of our essential foolproof tips and tricks we’ve gathered and learned from through many unfortunate past experiences! Be sure to enjoy, comment and do share  your own tips and tricks and help your fellow beauties out! xoxo

  1. Prime Time: Don’t Forget to Prime, Prime, Prime!

Primer is truly a saving grace in a bottle (or tube) and unfortunately its one of those product that so many beauties seem to overlook. What makes primer so essential is that it truly helps us stay out of those unexpected beauty emergencies. From the face to even your eye’s and lips, swiping on a generous size can provide a beautiful canvas for maximizing the long lasting coverage, pigmentation and protection of your products from the outside elements! Kind of like an insurance plan for your face, primer makes sures everything stays in place and lasts as long as it can!


  1. Don’t Fade Away: Set that Liner

There is nothing worse than a complete disappearing act from your eyeliner. While you can keep your liner handy in your bag, who wants to have to constantly worry and keep checking the status of their makeup, not us! So instead, be sure to setting your eyeliner with an eye shadow to ensure lasting power! Using a matte shadow in the shade of your liner, press it along your liner before you hit the town to ensure a foolproof solution to that fading cateye!


  1. Don’t Layer on the Problems, Blot Them Goodbye

Contrary to belief beauties, our powders can’t solve all our problems and many times they seem to only make more of a mess! Case and point: “touching up” that midday oily t-zone. At the first sign of a shiny forehead many gals have their touch up powder in hand and are ready to cover up that sheen. While they accomplish their goal, its at an awful price of creating that dreaded cake-face! Instead, blot those troubles away! Be sure to set your makeup with powder and then leave it at home. Blotting pads are a foolproof essential for getting rid of that midday oil that will leave your makeup and skin intact and cake-free!


  1. (www.broadwaybeaut.wordpress.com)

    A White Out: Careful with that Concealer

Forget those fearful racoon eyes (that’s what primers help prevent, wink wink), another common mistake many of us beauties make is misusing and abusing our concealers & correctors. While many of desperately want to cancel out the dark circles and bring light to the face, some of us unfortunately do so with blinding results. White rings under the eyes, especially seen within photographs are a huge no,no but oh too common mistake made. A peach, salmon tone under the eyes will cancel out the dark circles, not by using the lightest concealer you can find! More light can then be added to the face with a little help from a trusty highlighter, brightening up your face and your reaction when you look back at photos!


  1. Back Away From the Bronzer

Our last foolproof tip and trick involves the oh so tricky bronzing powder! Whether you want a nice warm glow or hope to contour your features, bronzer can be your best friend and enemy all at the same time. First, be sure to purchase a shade that looks most natural on your skin tone. So deep dark bronze probably won’t appear very natural against a fair faced beauty! Once the correct shade is selected, gradually build up to that bronze by tapping off the excess powder of the brush before applying it to the skin. Even though it seems like you’re wasting the product, you’re not, its just getting rid of the extra that doesn’t need to be on the skin! Believe us beauties, it’s way easier to build up that beautiful bronze instead of getting rid of those orange splotches.


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Our Favorite Six Spring Fragrances

It’s a Good Friday for a New Signature Scent

Its Our Six Scents & Fragrances For Spring

Hello Beauties and Happy Holidays! With the stress of the busy work week almost over and the holiday weekend still upon us, let’s take some well deserved me-time and freshen up, shall we? Today we’re all about spring cleaning as we think out with the old to make room for the new, fragrances that is! It’s time to put away those warm, musky winter scents beauties, and indulge ourselves in the new fresh fragrances for the fresh new season! While spring has been on the mind for quite some time with our wardrobes stocked to the brim to prove it, there’s nothing that makes us feel like its finally spring quite like that proper fragrance! Here are our favorite fresh, sweet and clean fragrances that we’ll be spritzing all season long!


Kai Eau de Parfum


Creed Spring Flower

(Not to Mention it was Created Especially for Audrey Hepburn & was her Signature Scent)


Jo Malone Wild Bluebell


Trish McEvoy No. 6 Mandarin and Ginger Lily  


Leila lou Eau de Parfum


Bond No. 9 Chelsea Flowers



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Wedding Wednesday: Meghan + Anthony

Welcome back to Wedding Wednesday darling beauties! Today we’re featuring the intimate Autumn nuptials of Meghan & Anthony! We can’t get over these images by Studio1923 as they impeccably capture all the charming details of this October 13th wedding! Our gorgeous bride radiated the brightest that day and let her natural beauty shine! Meghan lit up the room with her endearing smile and stunned with a soft smokey eye and glowing skin! From the countless exchanges of gleaming glances between the bride and groom to the warmth and happiness of friends and family that surrounded them, we just can’t help but feel the love and fall in love with this quaint and romantic wedding! Enjoy Beauties xo

 ~Jennie Fresa Artist ~

Maureen Sullivan

To see more of her beautiful work be sure to click the link below!!


~ Featured Vendor ~

Studio1923: Photographic Art


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