Happy Earth Day: Demystifying the Detox with Maya Bradstreet

Happy Earth Day Beauties! Today we’re furthering our spring clean &  getting back to basics with some guidance from our guest blogger, Maya Bradstreet! As the founder of A Recipe for Wellness, Maya is dedicated towards sharing her holistic health and nutrition knowledge and real life experience to enrich, energize and feed the mind, soul and especially our bodies! We’re so thrilled because Maya will be hosting her event – Demystifying the Detox: How to Cleanse with a Foods-Based Diet at the boutique May 16!! Be sure to look out for our May Newsletter to get all the information and RSVP!!

~Maya’s Links~

A Recipe For Wellness

A Recipe For Wellness Blog

A Recipe For Wellness Facebook

Nourish your body and you will transform your life.  That’s my motto, since I am living proof this is true.

13 years ago, upon graduating from Brown University, I was on track to having a successful career in financial consulting.  Instead, I was finding myself sick, tired, anxious, stressed and depleted.  An excess of 70 pounds crept up and by the time I went to get checked out by a doctor, I was diagnosed officially with an auto-immune thyroid disorder.  Told I’d be on medication for the rest of my life, I also – oh, by the way – had to lose the weight.  One year later, despite my efforts to diet and exercise, I was unable to change the number on the scale.  Still suffering from food comas and persistent ‘brain fog’, deep down, I knew there was something more than just taking a pill…

Keeping my day job, I enrolled in a nutrition program, simply to ‘fix me’. Little did I know that this year of studying a plethora of food theories and philosophies would truly change my future. I learned first-hand that although cliche, we truly “are what we eat”. Something in my diet contributed to my development of my thyroiditis, and I could use food as medicine to help alleviate the symptoms. I also learned that we find ‘nourishment’ from more than just the food on our plates; it is our emotional health that impacts what, how and how much we eat. Anything in our lives that is out of balance, is reflected in our food behaviors and choices. Moreover, it was apparent that we are all unique and a diet that may work for one person, may not for another. Personally, I discovered that I needed to go gluten and dairy free…

Fast forward to now, where I don’t test positive for auto-immunity, I was able to get off the medication and become a mom to my darling kids, Loden (4) and Ellery (7 months!) and wife to Bo.  And yes, I did lose those 70 pounds!  Looking back, I would not change the fact that I was sick; it was truly a blessing to experience the worst of it because I can now relate to my clients who are looking to feel better.

Back to my story, it’s probably not surprising that I ended up quitting my job to pursue my health and nutrition studies.  I founded A Recipe For Wellness LLC to help others discover & achieve their innate healthiness and greatness.  It is a gift to help others enjoy life, celebrate food and food culture, and re-discover themselves through their dietary choices.

Here’s one of my favorite smoothies of late, purifies the blood and gut, and is great for keeping the Spring viruses at bay:

Be sure to check out delicious smoothie recipes and so much more over on Maya’s Blog!!!

Beet Green Smoothie

Beet greens from 1/2 bunch of beets (make sure these look happy and vibrant, droopy beet greens are a no-no)

1 banana

1/2 avocado

1/2 cup coconut milk (from can or unsweetened from box)

1/2 cup water

1 tbsp (raw) cocoa powder

1 peeled clementine

3 whole cloves or 1/2 tsp ground

optional: 1 tsp coconut oil

optional: 1 tsp protein powder (rice, pea, hemp)


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Beauty Icon: Grace Kelly

A State of Grace

Beauty Icon: Grace Kelly

While there have been countless Royal Weddings, from the scandalous to the modern day fairy tales, there has never been one quite as timeless as American princess, Grace Kelly’s! On April 19th, 1956 hollywood darling Grace Kelly wed Prince Rainier III of Monaco at St. Nicholas Cathedral in the French Riviera city of Monte Carlo. As today marks what would be the Royal couple’s 57th wedding anniversary, we couldn’t resist reminiscing on not only these infamous nuptials, but the bride and beauty icon herself, Grace Kelly. Almost as if it were taken right out one of her many glamorous films, this Philadelphia born beauty, captivated the world as she went from hollywood golden girl to a real life princess all while holding a style and ‘grace’ all her own. Kelly attained a classic signature style that especially did not falter when it came time to walk down the aisle. Looking like nothing short of royal and radiant, Grace wore an elegant silk taffeta tulle gown with a lace fitted bodice and adorned in seed pearls. This exquisite gown was created and gifted by the MGM studios and costume designer, Helen Rose (talk about a wedding gift!) Her regal ensemble was completed with a juliet cap headpiece veil, a small ornate bible and her lily of the valley bouquet, leaving her looking soft, elegant and the epitome of hollywood royalty. From her embodiment of old hollywood glamour, her regalness whilst walking down the aisle and becoming a princess to her cool sophistication while concealing a baby bump with her now infamous Hermes bag, Kelly was truly was the epitome of grace and her legacy lives on to this day.









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Spring Clean: Maureen’s Makeup Bag Edit

Hello Beauties! So who’s in need of a little spring cleaning? Well, get ready to think out with the old and in with the new this season, as Maureen helps you tidy up those makeup bags! Check out our new listing within this month’s Shoreline Perks to get yourself a personalized one-on-one lesson with our lead artist Maureen Sullivan, including a makeup bag edit, a quick tutorial on how to apply any new products and a beauty profile! PLUS enter our contest for a chance to win a four piece brush set to go with your lovely lesson! For your chance to win this giveaway, all you have to do is purchase the Shoreline Perk and then leave a comment on our Facebook page letting us know! All the links are below ladies, and be sure to check out Maureen’s boutiquerie profile + portfolio below as well! xo

~Shoreline Perks~

~Jennie Fresa Facebook Page~

~Maureen Sullivan’s Profile + Portfolio~


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Spring Cleaning: How to Clean & Care for Your Makeup Brushes

Brushing Up

Spring Cleaning: How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Hello Beauties! This week we’re going to be talking about all the various ways us gals can spruce up a little here and there in order to start the spring season off right! So lets commence the cleaning with some basic steps for caring for those sometimes messy makeup brushes! Keeping your brushes nice and clean is essential for applying a flawless face, maintaining a clear complexion and protecting those delicate utensils. Not caring for your tools can leave them coated with leftover makeup, oil and even bacteria which can not only cause major breakouts but essentially destroy them, yikes! However, with the right regime, it is possible to make the most of these investments! All the brushes pictured below are all my cherished Trish McEvoy brushes, that with proper care, I have owned for almost 8 years! So here are our step by step tips towards preserving beautiful bristles that leave nothing but clear complexions!

A Day-to-Day Clean!

 After all their hard work, be sure to give your brushes some well deserved love! By spritzing a bottle of brush cleaner (our fave is Essence of Beauty) onto a paper towel and softly sweeping the bristles over the solution, you will remove that leftover foundation and blush. By purchasing a bottle of brush cleaner from your local CVS (Essence of Beauty is only $5.00!) and performing this daily process, you will eliminate a faster build up of past makeup, its leftover germs and provides a fresh tool for a fresh application!


A Monthly Cleanse

While that daily spritz of brush cleaner removes the remnants of your daily use, those tools still need an extra step of TLC! Once a month your brushes should be given a nice thorough cleanse to refresh and renew them back to tip top shape. So grab yourself any antibacterial hand soap, a brush shampoo or even a mild shampoo like Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, and lets wash those troubles away!

  1. Wet the bristles of your brush and then begin to gently massage them in a dollop of soap. Sweep the brush back and forth across your palm to break up the deep build up.

  1. After a few minutes place the bristles under the running water and massage the soap out. You will quickly see the pigments of the excess makeup that were hidden deep within the brush that are now being washed out! Continue this motion until you don’t notice as much pigmentation rinsing out, then begin to gently wring the bristles to remove the excess soap.

  1. After they are thoroughly cleansed, remove the brush from the running water and continue to gently wring the bristles dry. 

  1. Finally, lay your damp brushes flat out to dry (on a paper towel). Be sure never to place them upwards to dry, this can cause the excess water will drip down and loosen the glue connecting the ferrule (the metal part!) and hairs of the brush, ultimately causing them to weaken and fall apart! 

And you’re all done, hooray! By remembering these simple rule, reshaping your brushes and treating them with gentle care, you’re sure to have tidy tools that are ready to put your best face forward for many springs to come!

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Product Spotlight: Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm

Bronzed Beauties

Product Spotlight: Stila’s Stay All Day Bronzing Beauty Balm

Hello Beauties and Happy Friday! So recently at the boutique we have been completely obsessing over a new addition to Stila’s Stay All Day family, and believe us, it’s the perfect beauty accessory for S/S ‘13! As if we couldn’t love the super product that is the Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Beauty Balm any more, Stila has now come out with a product that no beach beauty could resist! Introducing Stila’s Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm! This bronzing balm has recently arrived at the boutique and we’re already hooked! Can you say hello gorgeous sun-kissed glow? This product works exactly like the original BB Cream, however it now provides a healthy, subtle and stunning tint of color on top of its 10 beautiful benefits! Lightweight, easy and effortless, with just a simple layer, this beauty balm creates a flawless and warm canvas that can be worn alone or with foundation applied over, for those gals who like that extra bit of coverage! But what really makes this product already a summer staple is its amazing protection! Having fun in the sun is what this bronzing bb cream is all about, but reassures this with its broad spectrum SPF 30! While we’re all for looking primped, prepped and pretty, even for a beach day, protecting our skin is of utmost importance! And this bronzing balm has got our back this summer as it helps us prevent sunburn and won’t instantly sweat off in the heat or water with its 80 min water resistant formula! So if you’re searching for that pre-summer glow, a spring break must take or a beach bag essential, then look no further…this is beauty balm is the bomb (wink, wink)!

 Stila Stay All Day 10-in-1 HD Bronzing Beauty Balm

Available at the Boutique!!!


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