Beauty Trends: Probiotics

It’s Tuesday! which means today is all about the current beauty trends. Today’s beauty trend comes from Dr. Alkaitis’s daughter Trish. Trish shares the secret to beautiful skin, probiotics. Thank you Trish for sharing your beauty trend today with us! xoxo, Jennie.

“Dr. Alkaitis can’t stress enough how important it is to take a daily probiotic. This is essential for beautiful skin and health. Our skin is a reflection of what is happening in our gut (intestines) If you have a healthy gut, you have healthy skin. So, if your not eating correctly or taking medication or have taken antibiotics in the past, you are basically allowing the ‘bad’ bacteria to grow. To re-balance the ‘bad’ bacteria you can take a daily probiotic which is feeding your system (gut) good bacteria. Of course it doesn’t stop there – a good diet is essential, but this can really address long standing health issues that seemingly never go away. To your health & beauty. Trish” To read more about probiotics and their benefit be sure to click here and read on more wonderful information shared by Trish.

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